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Character Classes

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2008, 4:27 PM

Character Classes

These are the character classes that will be available for the players to choose from. There might be additions to this list in the future.

=== Chemist ===
Character Class: Chemist by Machina-Obscura
The Chemist is able to produce a new, potent end product from even the wildest basic materials. Health Restorer, Ability Booster, even fearsome vitriols, all will be available for the Chemist to create. Only the Chemist is able to use all Chemistry Manuals. He receives a bonus of +2 on the talent “Chemistry”. Frequently, he tests his products personally, which brings him a bonus of +10% on his poison resistance.
Starting Talents: Mathematics, Chemistry, Herbology
Equipment: Bunsenburner, 2 Test Tubes, lab coat, backpack, qualitative knife
Money: W20 Gold

=== Gunsmith ===
Character Class: Gunsmith by Machina-Obscura
An experienced Gunsmith can produce qualitative pistols or rifles, as long as he has the necessary tools and manuals. Only the Gunsmith is capable of using all Gunsmithy manuals. Since he tests the weapons after he crafted them, the gunsmith receives a bonus on marksmanship of 5%.
Starting Talents: Mathematics, Physics, Repair, one of the following: Rifles, Pistols, Cannonry
Equipment: Pincer, Hammer, Pistol Parts, Backpack, Pistol Holster, qualitative Knife
Money: W20 Gold

=== Mechanic ===
Character Class: Mechanic by Machina-Obscura
The Mechanic is able to combine many different parts to create the wonders of the modern world - not only basic traps like the spike trap, but also Steam Engines and even fearsome self-operating machines like the Automaton! Only the Mechanic is able to use all Mechanics Manuals. Practice makes perfect – the Mechanic earns a bonus of +2 on Dexterity.
Starting Talents: Mathematics, Physics, Forging, Repair, Arm/Disarm Traps
Equipment: Pincer, Screwdriver, small gears, small spring, Backpack, qualitative Knife
Money: W20 Gold

=== Soldier ===
Character Class: Soldier by Machina-Obscura
The Soldier is a loyal fighter under the flags of the Empires. A Soldier has many different tasks, besides the obligatory military service. City Guard and Border Guard are just two of them. A soldier recieved training in firearms, blades and cannonry. In Addition to the basic training with the most current weapons (pistols, rifles, swords +1) a soldier also received education in using Cannonry (+1).
Starting Talents: Rilfes, Pistols, Swords, Cannonry, Character Evaluation, Brawling, Horseback Riding, Leadership
Equipment: Revolver, Surcoat or Uniform, qualitative Knife, Leather Armor, Backpack, Pistol Holster
Money: W20 Gold

=== Mercenary ===
The Mercenary sells, in contrast to the loyal Soldier, his loyality to the highest bidder. He comes around the empires, and fought many battles on either side. This way a mercenary is skilled in using weapons effectively, he receives a bonus on Pistols and Rifles of +2.
Starting Talents: Rifles, Pistols, Brawling, Horseback Riding, Leadership, Sense of Distress, Start a Fire, Hunting
Equipment: Hunting Rifle, Knife, Leather Vest, qualitative Knife, Backpack, Rifle Holster
Money: W10 Gold

=== Gunslinger ===
Character Class: Gunslinger by Machina-Obscura
The Gunslinger is substantially trained in using all sorts of firearms effectively and precise. While most Gunslingers are hired as fire power for various occasions (be it protecting the innocent or killing an unwanted person for money), some of the worlds' best Gunslingers can be found on fun fairs or in the circus, where they work as trickshots.
Starting Talents: Rifles, Pistols, Character Evaluation, Left Handed, Sense of Distress
Equipment: Backpack,  qualitative Knife, qualitative Revolver, 50 rounds
Money: W20 Gold

=== Electrician ===
Character Class: Electrician by Machina-Obscura
If it is about the wonders of Electricity, the Electrician is your man. A well-grounded knowledge of Electricity and basic mechanical skills enable the Electrician to use the highly potent Energy of Electricity for his purposes. Only the Electrician can use all manuals of Electricity. A constant contact with Electricity brought a bonus of +1 on the Reflex.
Starting Talents: Mathematics, Morse-Alphabet, Repair, Physics
Equipment: small Battery, Backpack, Screwdriver, qualitative Knife, small Electro parts
Money: W20 Gold

=== Engineer ===
Character Class: Engineer by Machina-Obscura
The Engineer combines different disciplines like Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics, Electricity and many different workmanship talents to build steam engines to operate vehicles that the world has never seen before! Of course he is able to steer his creations (+2 on one talent of „Vehicle Operation" ). Only the Vehicle Engineer can use all manuals of Vehicle Construction.
Starting Talents: Mathematics, Physics, Repair, 1x Vehicle Operation, Forging, Haggling
Equipment: Backpack, quality Knife, Hammer, Screwdriver, V-Belt
Money: W20 Gold

=== Explosives Specialist ===
The Explosives Specialist is, handling daily with dangerous materials, a “bon vivant“. Because of the open, light-hearted nature of the Explosives Specialist, people tend to react better (+1 on Charisma). Only the Explosives Specialist is able to use all manuals of Explosives.
Starting Talents: Mathematics, Chemistry, Throwing, Sense of Distress, Geology, Approximation
Equipment: Backpack, qualitative Knife, Saltpeter, Petroleum, big Bottle
Money: W20 Gold

=== Professor ===
Character Class: Professor by Machina-Obscura
As university lecturer, the professor is a good teacher. He gains a Bonus of +2 on Teaching. But since he spend most of his life behind the wooden doors of the universities, the Character is twenty years older as the standard. Choose two disciplines the Professor lectured about: Chemistry, Electricity, Vehicle Construction, History, Psychology, Physics or Mechanics – these two talents will receive a bonus of +2.
Starting Talents: Mathematics, Teaching, Etiquette, one of the following: Chemistry, Vehicle Construction, History, Psychology, Physics or Mechanics
Equipment: Backpack, qualitative Knife, one of the following: Chemistry Book, Vehicle Construction Book, History Book, Psychology Book, Physics Book or Mechanics Book, Microscope
Money: W20 Gold

=== Adventurer ===
Character Class: Adventurer by Machina-Obscura
The Adventurer is too restless to stay in one place a longer time – he is being dragged away like magic. This world will one day thank the Adventurers for exploring and cartographing yet unknown terrain. This way the Adventurer discovers many unknown secrets – and sometimes even “new“  things (the ancient civilizations left their mark everywhere). But don’t confuse the Adventurer with the Archaeologist! The Adventurer is more of a treasure hunter (meaning grab what you can!) then wasting his time with “science hotchpotch“. Since the Adventurer is on the tramp a lot, he gains a bonus on the talent “Orientation” of +2.
Starting Talents: Orientation, Hunting, Zoology, Herbology, Start a Fire, Sense of Distress, Astronomy
Equipment: Backpack, qualitative knife, Compass, Machete
Money: W10 Gold

=== Thief ===
The Thief is an outlaw who lives by the motto “Everything belongs to everyone, especially to me” and re-arranges the assets of the population – in his own pockets. If its burglary, pick-pocketing, fixing the gamble, Street Robbery or art theft – a thief has many possible jobs in the industrialized world! Having to be quiet and sneaky, the Thief gains a bonus of +2 on Advertence.
Starting Talents: Boxing, Prowling, Lockpick, Fixing the Gamble, Pickpocket, Climbing, Concealing, Bluffing
Equipment: qualitative Knife, Backpack, lock pick
Money: W20 Silver

=== Mercantilist (Trader) ===
With the invention of the steam machine the industrial revolution started. This reached its peak in the “economic miracle” – for ten years, general Wealth, productivity and technological progress increased in a frightening rate. The winners of this process were the Mercantilists – they travel from city to city, from port to port to sell their wares to the customers. Some only have an ox carriage, some even have airships. It is possible, with the right idea to the right time and with the right amount of investment money to earn a respectable fortune.
Since a Mercantilist must always keep his eyes on his money, he gains a bonus of +2 on Mathematics.
Starting Talents: Mathematics, Approximation, Haggling, Judiciary, Etiquette
Equipment: Backpack, qualitative Knife, flashy tuxedo, Stovepipe Hat, Pocket Watch
Money: 2xW20 Gold

=== Archaeologist ===
Character Class: Archaeologist by Machina-Obscura
In a time where many antique wonders are discovered and the (technological) possibilities to reach far-off places increased, an Archaeologist has the opportunity to discover the long lost wonders of the antique civilizations, write them down empirically and so earn a name in the history books of the world. An Archaeologist gains a bonus of +2 on his Reading/Writing and History talents. Also, he might find a generous Financier to pay for his voyages.
Starting Talents: Orientation, Geology, History, Manipulation, Map Reading
Equipment: Backpack, qualitative Knife, History Book, Compass
Money: W20 Gold

=== Aeronaut ===
Becoming an Aeronaut always has been the dream of many people. Before the invention of the Gyroscopic Gravity Inverter, lighter-than-air-ships roamed the skies. These ships, the hot-air balloons, the gas-filled blimps, still are in use today. But now there are also steamships, paddle steamer or even huge iron battleships roaming the skies. A fantastic opportunity!
Starting Talents: (Vehicle Operation) Airships, Map Reading, Astronomy, Navigation, Orientation
Equipment: Backpack,  qualitative Knife, Compass, old Revolver,
Money: W20 Gold

=== Mad Technologist ===
The Mad Technologist is a polymath, skilled in many disciplines. Often, the greatest groundbreaking inventions of the time were invented by Mad Technologists – yes, most of them are irreversibly crazy! A Technologist gains a bonus on Intelligence of +2, but because of his “strange behavior“ he gains a malus of -2 on Charisma.
Starting Talents: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics, Electricity
Equipment: Backpack, Knife, Screwdriver, small Gears, Lab Coat
Money: W20 Gold


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